Vintage poster scrap

This revised edition of ‘Vintage Poster Scrap’ is a veritable feast for classic poster aficionados. Full-colour reproductions of countless posters spanning decades of cinema, music, exhibitions, and more fill its pages. The collection focuses primarily on the wild and exhilarating period of poster design from the 1960s through the 1980s, with a selection mostly originating in Europe and North America. The book is divided into several sections, starting with music (punk, new wave, rock, soul, jazz, reggae, etc.) and New York (Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Andy Warhol), then diving into cult themes (space age, surfing, blaxploitation, lucha libre), beatnik, photographers, movie directors, and more.

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Published by Grand Gallery, 2020
Graphic Design

Price: 48€

GRAND GALLERY (ed.) - Vintage poster scrap