MARAUD, Guillaume
Version n°0005, July 2018, “May 2018 SPECIAL”

Guillaume Maraud started in 2016 the publication series Versions: he had already self-published n°0001 − n°0002, n°0003, and n°0004, when he seeked the expertise and collaboration of After 8 Books, close observer and early supporter of the project, for a new Version to come.

Versions is a dynamic and complex medium for Maraud: magazine en trompe-l’œil, it is both a record to keep track of his artistic practice in an ever-accelerating time, and a tool to critically address its/his own conditions of existence and action. Each new Version follows and cancels the previous one through deleting, addition and rewriting, in a way evocative of a palimpsest or agenda. Each publication organises the artist’s material with texts and images from the culture industry, according to what he refers to as a ‘chronopolitical’ approach.

Produced by After 8 Books, Version n°0005 is the first non self-published Version to date. A decision full of meaning, implying further questioning about autonomy, belonging and legitimacy. This “special edition” gives also an insight into the ongoing celebration of the 50th anniversary of May 68 in France, the institutionalization of counter-culture and the appropriation of the struggles for emancipation within contemporary art. Its print run remains the same as the previous Versions.

82 pages, color, perfect binding, 21 × 27 cm
Edition of 40
ISBN: 978-2-9559486-2-0 

Published by After 8 Books, 2018
Artists' Books

Price: 10€

MARAUD, Guillaume - Version n°0005, July 2018, “May 2018 SPECIAL”