TILLMANS, Wolfgang
Today Is The First Day *

A substantial and immersive artist’s book summarizing Wolfgang Tillmans’ multifaceted approach to image-making, from video and performance to music and activism!

Conceived and designed by German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, this richly illustrated artist’s book explores the latest developments in Tillmans’ work over the last three years. Today Is The First Day conveys his richly diverse approach to image-making, video, performance, music and political activities, and also features newly commissioned texts from contributors—including novelist and author of The Lonely City Olivia Laing, historian and essayist Brian Dillon, curator Catherine Wood and geologist Dr. David Chew—each of whom illuminate a different aspect of Tillmans’s work. [publisher's note]

Published by Koenig Books / WIELS, 2020
Design by Wolfgang Tillmans and Paul Hutchinson
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Price: 30€

TILLMANS, Wolfgang  - Today Is The First Day *