The Vienna guide

The book is conceptually built upon ‘travel notes” compiled and edited on the occasion by artist Tony Cokes. Adopting the point of view of the flaneur, Cokes creates a speculative image of Vienna by appropriating and meshing non-art, historical figures, touristic clichés and club nights, all entwined in technological commentary. This distant gaze – Cokes hasn’t visited Vienna in the last 20 years – facilitates an aerial view of the complexities and unique traits that characterizes it.

Rather than offering a historical or direct feedback over a city, the book proposes to approach Vienna – and any urban site- as a discursive platform for future possibilities and identities. It comprises artistic positions that favour and reflect over complex social, political and economic dynamics present in the everyday whilst flirting with the imaginative context they are called to inhabit.

“A must-have” – Ÿellow Pages

Published by saxpublishers, 2018
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Price: 50€

COKES, Tony - The Vienna guide