DITTEL, Kris (ed.)
The Trouble with Value

The Trouble with Value discusses the tangled story of the symbolic and economic value that a work of art holds, being a product of its maker’s labour; with an attempt to provide insights into current notions of value and value systems surrounding us.

With the participation of: Berena and Estefan, Rachel Carey, gerlach en koop, Fokus Grupa, Karolina Grzywnowicz, Monique Hendriksen, Arnoud Holleman and Gert Jan Kocken, Kornel Janczy, Adrian Paci, Feliks Szyszko, Timm Ulrichs.

Published by Onomatopee, 2020
Exhibition Catalogues / Economy

Price: 20€

DITTEL, Kris (ed.) - The Trouble with Value