RONSE, Patrick; TAN, Lumi (eds.)
The Morning News

The Morning News attempts to convey the sense of anxiety that an unsure economy and world state contribute to a calculated exposure to information which leaves the average cultural consumer with a sense that things are out of balance. This is not a show explicitly about the economic crisis; it is about the state of the society when communication is king, when the news at the top of the hour creates an ambience for your daily life, allowing for a quotidian dose of negativity. More than ever, and at an increasingly fast pace, we are exposed to information from a variety of reliable, partisan and objective sources. We can seek out as much or as little as we want; but by the turning on the radio, computer, or television, we are instantly under the influence and effects of current events and how the lens of the media transforms them. [publisher’s note]

With contributions by Anne Collier (USA), Brian Clifton (USA), Hanne Darboven (D), Masashi Echigo (JP), Jef Geys (B), On Kawara (JP), Elizabeth McAlpine (UK), Matt Mullican (USA), Bruce Nauman (USA), Cady Noland (USA), Tony Oursler (USA), Philippe Parreno (F), Laurie Parsons (USA), Raymond Pettibon (USA), Sean Raspet (USA), Gerhard Richter (D) and Will Rogan (USA).

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