TEN THIJE, Steven (ed.)
The emancipated museum

In The emancipated museum the art historian and researcher Steven ten Thije engages in a personal inquiry into the importance of art museums in a society that is becoming ever more fragmented. In spite of the unprecedented success of museums in attracting masses of visitors, the future of the museum is uncertain. Museums may appear calm and self-assured to outsiders, but not even this noble showcase of art is immune to the cracks in society. The tensions between high and low, newcomer and native, rich and poor insidiously worm their way into the museum foundations like concrete decay. Society is adrift and the museum has to follow in its wake.

This publication is part of a series of essays commissioned by the Mondriaan Fund.[publisher's note]

Published by Mondriaan Fund, 2017
Design by Stout/Kramer
Essays / Art History / Art Spaces

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