Texte Zur Kunst 29/114 (Jun. 2019) The Sea

The sea has inspired artists, writers, and thinkers for centuries; but what has changed in our view of the sea since the canonical seafaring novels and paintings of the 19th century? The June issue of Texte zur Kunst is dedicated to the mysteries and violence of the deep, and examines the sea from a media-theoretical perspective as well as from the perspective of current political and ecological catastrophes. The theoretical texts (by Bernhard Siegert, Ashna Ali, D. Graham Burnett, Franziska Brons, plus a conversation with Forensic Oceanography’s Charles Heller) are punctuated by photo essays by four artists (Nadja Abt, Susanne M. Winterling, Mandla Reuter, Hira Nabi) who have dealt with the sea as a biosphere as well as a transit system for container vessels. In short, we realize just how important it is to look at the sea again, and again. [publisher's note]

Published by Texte Zur Kunst, 2019
Periodicals / Art Theory / Ecology / Politics

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TEXTE ZUR KUNST (ed.) - Texte Zur Kunst 29/114 (Jun. 2019) The Sea