Technomaterialism Zine

“Technomaterialism is a Non-Governmental Organisation (“Association loi 1901”, under the French legislation). We are an Afro-diasporic and Black materialist multidisciplinary platform formed by Black writers, musicians and club workers, and focused on providing alternatives to McCarthyism & neoliberal representation optics in dance music.”

This zine gathers the texts: “Abolish DJ Idolatry” by Mathys Rennela; “The Shock Doctrine Applied to Dance Music” by Jean-Hugues Kabuiku; “Needle spiking: how misinformation and fear mongering pose a challenge to harm reduction”, by Technomaterialism; “Sweetheart, All Justice is a Dead End” by ari robey-lawrence.

Self-Published, 2022
Black Studies / Music & Sound / Politics / Zines / Dance

Price: 7€

TECHNOMATERIALISM (ed.) - Technomaterialism Zine