Tabboo! 1982–88

A publication dedicated to the wonderful—and long overlooked—painting work of Tabboo! With a text by Jarrett Earnest. 

Some background: Tabboo! is a multidisciplinary performer, designer, and artist with a fascination for celebrity, cityscapes, and the aesthetics of the everyday. Coming to prominence at the heart of New York City’s drag scene in the 1980s, Tabboo!’s work holds a diaristic impulse that has ranged from the visuals of nightlife to idyllic scenery. Portraits of friends, still lifes, and work related to current political opposition populates the artist’s oeuvre, rendered sparkling and bittersweet with a striking honesty. Tabboo! has performed extensively, created murals for public projects, designed flyers, album covers, and collaborated with fashion designers.


Published by Karma, 2021
Monographs / Painting

Price: 40€

TABBOO! - Tabboo! 1982–88