FULLER, R. Buckminster; et al.
Synergetic Stew. Explorations in Dymaxion Dining

A facsimile edition of Buckminster Fuller’s 86th birthday surprise gift: an experimental cookbook, with TRUE recipes for Cheese Tetrahedron, Positively Pumpkin Bisque, Pacific Palisades Shrimp Salad, Allspace-Filling Whole Wheat Bread—there's also John Cage’s Microbiotic Diet, and Bucky’s own Cream of Tomato Ice Cream! Fortunately enough it seems you don’t need a Dymaxion spoon to prepare any of these dishes he he he. 

The recipes are also occasions for Fuller’s friends to share personal anecdotes and humorous recollections of his life, such as a reminiscence about his somewhat peculiar but enthusiastic love for tea, in all its variations. Scattered throughout the book are enticing texts and poems from Fuller himself, including even a recipe for tomato ice cream. In addition to the facsimile, Fuller’s grandson Jaime Snyder reflects upon often overlooked facets of Bucky’s character, revelead through anecdotes of his relationship with food. Short profiles of all contributors complete the reprint.

With a foreword by Jaime Snyder; and contributions by Bil Baird, Peter Brown, John Cage, Lim Chong Keat, Elizabeth Choy, John Ciardi, John Denver, Amy Edmondson, Ted Ehmann, Werner Erhard, Ronald Feldman, John and Isobel Fistere, Medard Gabel, Eugene Garfield, Neva Goodwin, d'Arcy Hayman, Henry J. Heimlich, Miranda Kaiser, Anne Kordus, Kuyoshi Kuromiya, Mae Lee, Paula Martin, Margaret Mead, Karl Menninger, Yehudi Menuhin, Martin and Margy Meyerson, Ann Mintz, Don Moore, Ed Muskie, Libby Newman, Isamu Noguchi, Gerard K. O'Neill, Steve Parker, Eleanor and George Pavloff, Cedric Price, Kariska Pulchalski, Harrison Salisbury, Shirley and Bill Sharkey, Peter Simoneaux, Jamie Snyder, Hester Stearns, Connie Thelander, Thomas Tse-Kwai Zung, Dennis Tyler, Amei Wallach, Hope Watts, and Kathryn Withlow.

Facsimile of the 1982 edition, published by the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Published by Lars Müller Verlag, 2020
Anthologies / Food Culture / Counterculture

Price: 22€

FULLER, R. Buckminster; et al. - Synergetic Stew. Explorations in Dymaxion Dining