MCDONALD, Boyd (ed.)
Straight to Hell # 2

Since its inception in 1971, this magazine “has provided a forum for letter-writers detailing their most explicit exploits,” according to its description in Queer Zines. Claiming a “monopoly on the truth,” STH dedicates itself to the description and the documentation of, as well as the fantasizing about, gay sex.
Facsimile edition. Originally published in 1973.
Readers who are curious about this amazing publication may also be into True Homosexual Experience, a portrait of Boyd McDonald by William E. Jones, and Cruising the Movies, an anthology of film/TV reviews by Boyd McDonald. Your take. 

Published by Billy Miller, 2017
Zines / Queer Culture / Periodicals / Facsimile & Reprints

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MCDONALD, Boyd (ed.) - Straight to Hell # 2