KURBAK, Ebru (ed)
Stitching Worlds. Exploring Textiles and Electronics

What if electronics emerged from knitting, weaving, crochet, and embroidery? Stitching Worlds blends the territories of textiles and electronics by investigating textile techniques as controversial means for manufacturing electronic objects. Bringing together the results of a four-year arts-based research project, the book challenges our assumptions and expectations about technology by revealing unexpected potentials of often-undervalued knowledge and skills. [publisher's note]

Contributions by Onur Akmehmet, Ekmel Ertan, Lars Hallnaes, Tincuta Heinzel, Mili John Tharakan, So Kanno, Ebru Kurbak, Mark Miodownik, Matthias Mold, Jussi Parikka, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Irene Posch, Fiona Raby, Mika Satomi, Martin Schneider, Rebecca Stewart

Published by Revolver, 2018
Crafts / Digital

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