THEMERSON, Stefan; REICHARDT, Jasia (ed.)
Stefan Themerson

This volume presents Stefan Themerson through the eyes, minds, and words of several writers: Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Marcin Giżycki, Magnus Hedlund, John Henshall, Nicolaas Matsier, Emily McVarich, Lodewijk Muns, Walter van der Star, Nick Wadley, Clifford N. Wright, Erik van Zuylen. The book describes his work as filmmaker, writer, poet, thinker, and publisher, with a consistently independent attitude to ethics, humour, and language… There’s philosophy, adventure, conflict, poetry, drawings by Franciszka Themerson, photos with Henri Chopin, essays about the connection between the Themersons and Raymond Queneau or Kurt Schwitters, etc. etc.

Published by Themerson Estate, 2023
Design by Piet Gerards and Stephan de Smet
Monographs / Book Culture / Documents / Graphic Design / Film & Video

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THEMERSON, Stefan; REICHARDT, Jasia (ed.) - Stefan Themerson