Reading by Shola von Reinhold
11 July 2024 07:00PM

We are very happy to welcome Shola von Reinhold, for a summer evening reading at After 8 Books!

“There was a woman known to visit this pillar, having observed the punishment of the Beings from her rooftop. She returned nightly, whispering to the interior spirits.
“On her rooftop one morning she noted a strange flower, growing from a crevice, something like a lily – or a lotus – but as hard as shell. She plucked this flower and took it to the pillar where she cupped it against the stone and put her ear to it and could hear a form of music inside. The music described a system. In this way, the inhabitants of the pillar dictated to her the
“In accordance with their system she grew a secret lotus garden upon her roof and spent her days in idleness and luxury, cultivating her senses. The End!”

Shola’s debut novel, LOTE, was published by Jacaranda Books in 2020; she recently contributed to the monograph on the work of Pippa Garner, Act Like You Know Me.


 - Reading by Shola von Reinhold