HOPF, Judith
Secession. Judith Hopf

In her art, Judith Hopf deals with stories and aesthetics that are oriented towards the everyday cultural sphere. She uses expressive forms such as performance, video, sculpture and graphic work. However, the choice of medium is not as crucial as the passionate interest in the field of force between politics, art and theory, which can serve as a reference framework for many of their projects. In addition, there is a reliably emerging paradoxical panopticon of self-staging as well as a commitment to a colorful, glamorous pop poetry. [publisher's note]

With essays by Diedrich Diederichsen and Monika Rinck. 

English/German texts. 

Published by Revolver / Secession, 2007
Design by Heimon Zobernig / Jürgen Natter

Price: 18€

HOPF, Judith - Secession. Judith Hopf