KĘDZIOR, Marcin; DENIZEN, Seth (eds.)
Scapegoat #11. Life

It's more of a not-life issue, than a non-life issue. In this sense we're reading the strikethrough, or misreading it, as the metaphysical firewall that seperates the living from the dead, the animate from the inanimate, the human from the natural, through an always redaction of life as a category. And as architects we've become fascinated by the ways in which this line has to be built and rebuilt, constantly maintained, designed, and defended. Architects have always been paid by someone to build metaphysical concepts in psychical materials- this is the canonical origin of architecture. It's the gothical cathedral, or the acropolis, or every bank built to look like the acropolis that you've ever seen. What we're interested in, however, is another moment, where architecture not only builds but actively polices these metaphysical boundaries in ways that are extremely literal.

Contributors include Alexander Arroyo, Maros Krivy, Rosemary Joyce, Craig Damion Smith, Will Fu, Sanford Kwinter, Noah Scheinman, Larissa Belcic and Michelle Shofet, Fan Wu, Rouzbeh Akhbari and David Schnitman, Micah Lexier, Oliver Vilela, Joe Culpepper, Matthew Allen, Michael Fisch and Erez Golani Solomon, George Johannes and Lori Brown and Eliza McCullough, and Adam Bobbette.

Published by Other Forms, 2018
Architecture / Economy / Politics

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KĘDZIOR, Marcin; DENIZEN, Seth (eds.) - Scapegoat #11. Life