RICHARDSON, David (ed.)
Reading Room

Reading Room is over three years in the making. It began with our reading residency series in the fall of 2016: 40 artists and writers were given quiet hours in the dispersed reading room on the Bowery. We then asked our resident readers to document and expand on their reading time. The result is a polyphonic meditation on the act of reading. [publisher's note]

Edited by David Richardson. Contributions by Gini Alhadeff, Michael Ballou & David Scher, Eva Barbarossa, Matthew Burgess, D. Graham Burnett & Alyssa Loh, Jimmy Cajoleas, Michael Cunningham, Lisa Dalfino & Francesco Cavaliere in collaboration with Mattia Capelletti & Costanza Candeloro, Jeff Dolven, Hal Foster & Sandy Tait, Yara Flores, Leigh Gallagher, Marie Howe, Alan Huck, Madelyn Kent & Helen Singh-Miller, Vanessa Kowalski, Mary Marge Locker, Marco Maisto, Dorothea von Moltke, John Muse, Leonard Nalencz, Charles Perry, Christopher Potter, Sal Randolph, David Richardson, Luc Rioual, Walker Rutter-Bowman, Liz Scheer, Hermione Spriggs & Curtis Tamm, Paul Soulellis, Randall Szott, Elena Taurke, Sofia Theodore-Pierce, Jennie Uleman, Emma Wippermann, Audra Wolowiec, Caroline Woolard, and Carrie Yamaoka. Photography by Joshua Mathews and M. Perov.

Published by dispersed holdings, 2020
Design by Nicholas Weltyk
Artists' Writings / Essays

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RICHARDSON, David (ed.) - Reading Room