Reading Now

Reading Now is a document of reading in 2020, a record of the readerly present as we begin to feel our way towards an uncertain future, and a coda to dispersed holdings’ book Reading Room. [publisher's note]

Contributions by Kyla Arsadjaja, D. Graham Burnett, Michael Cunningham, Jeff Dolven, Alan Huck, Alyssa Loh, Joshua Mathews, John Muse, Leonard Nalencz, The Nooy-Millers, Sal Randolph, David Richardson, Luc Rioual, Paul Soulellis, Hermione Spriggs, Sofia Theodore-Pierce, and Nicholas Weltyk.

Published by dispersed holdings, 2021
Design by Nicholas Weltyk
Artists' Writings / Essays

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RANDOLPH, Sal; RICHARDSON, David (eds.) - Reading Now