R. H. Quaytman. The Sun Does Not Move. Chapter 35

In Quaytman's words: "This chapter, like its title suggests, attempts to start again from the beginning, and this beginning happened as a direct result of my taking Katarzyna Kobro's ideas about sculpture, space, and time and applying them as a painting model. It was through a direct engagement with one work of art, Spatial Composition II, made in 1928, that inspired numerous paintings before the chapters began, but also inspired the basic geometric foundation of the chapter structure. Additionally, I became equally interested in Władysław Strzemiński afterwards, and based my use of op-art on his ideas of opticality and the afterimage. The basic ideas that came out of Kobro and Strzemiński was the idea that painting could be seen just as equally through a sideways glance as the straight forward one, this, as ultimately attention is distracted and that might be all the paintings would get."

Chapter 35 consisted of 10 already closed chapters and 32 new paintings made specially for an exhibition at Muzeum Sztuki, in Łódź, Poland. This publication is designed by the artist herself.

Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König / Muzeum Sztuki, 2020
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QUAYTMAN, R.H. - R. H. Quaytman. The Sun Does Not Move. Chapter 35