“Dispersed Events” – Paris launch! @ galerie Chantal Crousel
16 May 2024 06:30PM

Nous sommes raviesx de vous convier à une rencontre entre Nick Mauss et Elisabeth Lebovici pour le lancement du recueil Dispersed Events ! Ce jeudi 16 mai à 18h30, à la galerie Chantal Crousel – où Nick présente l’exposition Close-fitting Night jusqu’au 25 mai – 10 rue Charlot, Paris 3e.

Dear friends, we are so happy and proud to invite you to the Paris booklaunch of our new publication, Dispersed Events : ) Nick Maussi will be inconversation with writer Elisabeth Lebovici – and attention, this will take place at galerie Chantal Crousel, 10 rue Charlot – Paris 3, where Nick’s show Close-fitting Night is currently on view.


Dispersed Events brings together for the first time Nick Mauss’ essays from the last fifteen years. Shimmering with the urgency of a new generation of queer thinkers, Mauss’ writing refracts contemporary art through histories of decorative art, film, theater, and dance. More info here.

“What I adore in this book is first that it doesn’t abide by any category, nor proposes any definition for what queer art or culture could be or for what research in art history should be, even expanded to certain comforting genealogies or influences.
On the contrary, the actual disparity of “events” is at the core of the book, and shapes its narrative. It allows Nick Mauss to associate, affiliate, link and weave a “widely inscrutable web,” in which the author and the reader shift their positions and points of view, constantly redirecting the conversation. What I adore in this book is that Nick Mauss tells what art, whatever it is, does to him.”
—Elisabeth Lebovici


 - “Dispersed Events” – Paris launch! @ galerie Chantal Crousel

 - “Dispersed Events” – Paris launch! @ galerie Chantal Crousel