PORTER, Rich (ed.)
Modern Queer Poets

“Glitter In My Wounds”; “I’m a riddle and you’re working me out”; “Queersploitation”; “OFTEN”; “[egg hat]”; “record of a commune”; “Cusp”; “flare-up”; “Ritalin 1”; “Cap of Pearls”: these are the titles of some of the poems you will find in Modern Queer Poets, the first poetry collection from Pilot Press, the London-based independent press founded by artist Richard Porter. Selected by both invitation and open call, the book features contributions from Eileen Myles, Wayne Kostenbaum, CAConrad, among many others, with two different covers by artist Matt Connors.


Published by Pilot Press, 2020
Poetry / Queer Culture / Anthologies

Price: 13€

PORTER, Rich (ed.) - Modern Queer Poets