Maisons d'art moderne

Maisons d’art moderne takes the reader on a journey through the history of private art-collections in Belgium starting in the 1920’s. He describes two generations of art collectors: the post-war generation that made their collections publicly available and a second generation that made way for Belgium on the international art scene. This publication offers an exclusive look into the relationship between collectors and artists and highlights the influence of these private collectors on the development of public art institutions and the art press in Belgium. This publication is described by Rik Vannevel (Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens) as “Not only ground-breaking research into private art collections in Belgium, but also a tribute for a passionate art researcher.” The research focuses on sixteen prominent Belgian private collections: Fernand Graindorge, Bertie & Gigi Urvater, Gustave Van Geluwe, Max Janlet, Bénédict & Alla Goldschmidt, Tony Herbert, Gustave Nellens, Maurits Naessens, Jules & Irma Dhondt-Dhaenens, Philippe Dotrement, Hubert & Marie-Thérèse Peeters, Roger & Hilda Matthys-Colle, Herman & Nicole Daled, Anton & Annick Herbert, Sylvio Perlstein and Charles & Jeanne Vandenhove.

Published by MER Paper Kunsthalle, 2021
Art Spaces / Biographies

Price: 40€

EECKHOUT, Tanguy  - Maisons d'art moderne