Little Joy online booklaunch !
29 May 2021 07:00PM

"One day, after dropping acid (the one and only time I've tried acid in my life), some sort of identity crisis overtook me. Who am I? And who are my friends? Do I have allies or are they all frenemies? Back then, there was no Internet, and I didn't know or use the word "frenemy", but I think if that word had already been coined and popularized in Argentina, I wouldn't't have had the meltdown I did, for I would have been able to work out those mixed emotions I felt towards certain people."

Please join us for a online conversation between Cecilia Pavón and Estelle Hoy, in celebration of Pavón's selected stories: "Little Joy" just published by Semiotext(e) ...

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Cecilia Pavón is a poet, writer and cofounder of Buenos Aires's independent art venue Belleza y Felicidad. Little Joy was originally published in Spanish, and translated in English by Jacob Steinberg.

Estelle Hoy is a writer and art critic based in Berlin, and the acclaimed author of Pisti, 80 rue de Belleville, published by your truly After 8 Books.



 - Little Joy online booklaunch !