La légende punaisée dans le ciel

This volume contains a few transcribed notes about the making of a book. Pierre Leguillon wrote them during the winter of 2003–2004 while he was in residency at Villa Medici, the French Academy in Rome. During that winter, the artist remained cloistered in his home for a few weeks, detached. He looked for the right form for the book, which had to translate a slideshow of images and sound into the space of some pages. Leguillon was familiar with the medium of the slideshow. He had used it for the past ten years or so. Late at night or just out of bed, he would put down peremptory and seemingly conclusive formulas. He would almost always use a felt-tip pen, writing in capital letters.

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Published by Surfaces Utiles, 2021
Artists' Books

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LEGUILLON, Pierre - La légende punaisée dans le ciel