HR Giger; HARRY, Debbie; STEIN, Chris
KooKoo 1981

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Published on the 40th anniversary of Debbie Harry’s debut solo album KooKoo (1981), this book collects a rarely seen and unpublished body of photographs by Chris Stein (American, b. 1950), capturing the alchemy of the collaboration between artist H.R. Giger and the Blondie frontwoman and lead vocalist.

Largely taken on the nightmarish sets designed by Giger while working on the cover art and video clips for the album, these photographs by Stein—Blondie’s co-founder and guitarist and Harry’s life-long creative partner—provide unprecedented access to Giger’s charismatic presence and creative process, which unfolded across a wide array of mediums including airbrush painting, sculpture, scenography, concept design, and performance.

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Published by Kaleidoscope, 2021
Design by Kasper-Florio
Monographs / Photography

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HR Giger; HARRY, Debbie; STEIN, Chris - KooKoo 1981