In Cairo

A Part 1 22:51
B Part 2 17:19

One thing is absolutely certain: you never know what to expect from an Hendrik Hegray concert.
Egyptian music lovers were in for a treat on that 2013 evening.
Full recording of the complete concert.
Artwork based on the original flyer for the event.

A live recording in Egypt brings to mind two reference points:
- the Sun Ra Arkestra playing to an unsuspecting crowd at Hartmut Geerken’s place
- the Jean-Michel Jarre Millenium extravaganza in front of the pyramids.

It’s hard to explain, but I can somehow feel the influence of both these concerts in Popol Gluant’s recording.

He’ll be mad at me for saying that: his music never showed any trace of other people’s influence, or anything that’s ever been heard before.

You’ve guessed it: I’m just trying to attract the JMJ fan base. [publisher's note]

Recorded live at 1000 Copies, downtown Cairo on March 8th 2013.
Thanks to Mahmoud Refat and Hicham Chadly.

Published by Scum Yr Earth, 2017
Design by Hendrik Hegray
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