HOLDER, Will (ed.)
Idem Dito [sic.]

Typographer Will Holder was commissioned by Our Polite Society to produce an “addendum” to their book, The Facit Model. Globalism, Localism & Identity. From the point of view of typewriters & typewriters correcting mistakes, and how time-consuming it is to read & write “beautiful letters”, this publication justifies a Swedish company’s idea to furnish the world with office-machines. It is a bunch of short ideas, joining to produce some sense, somewhere between screen & print, speech & writing, reading & writing, hearing & listening. [publisher’s note]

Published by Spector Books, 2020
Design by Will Holder
Pamphlets / Essays / Graphic Design / Typography

Price: 5€

HOLDER, Will (ed.) - Idem Dito [sic.]