Gay International Inc. (ed.)
Gay Areas Telephone Directory

Facsimile edition. Originally published in 1983 by Gay International Inc.

This queer directory featured listings and advertisements for businesses friendly towards or catering to lesbians and gay men at a time when such visibility was a rare and possibly dangerous thing... 1983 was a watershed year for LGBTQ people. The first HIV/AIDS cases were reported barely two years before, marking the beginning of a health crisis that would go on to kill more than half a million (primarily LGBTQ) people within the next ten years.  In addition to serving as a portrait of a community and its culture at a crucial stafe of development, Gay Areas Telephone Directory stands as a time capsule of lost generation(s) felled by AIDS. [publisher’s note.]

Published by Pre-Echo Press, 2017
Design by Joe Gilmore (slipcase)
Queer Culture / Anthologies / Facsimile & Reprints

Price: 40€

Gay International Inc. (ed.) - Gay Areas Telephone Directory