BICHON, Maxime; FALSE, Eleonore; GONICHE, Julien; JAWAD, Moshe; KEIL, Morag; MUL, Marlie; SMALLEY, Travess; SUDO, Ayano
Forward: Post Stille

"Forward: Post Stille is the second publication of the Forward Collection. Forward is a workshop and the book is the product of its two-week long creative session. Artists collaborate through the exchange of a consecutive series of e-mails: their collaborations are compiled and reproduced here in chronological order. The workshop took place between Aug. 15, 2012 and Aug. 29, 2012. It includes works of: Maxime Bichon, Éléonore False, Julien Goniche, Moshe Jawad, Morag Keil, Marlie Mul, Travess Smalley and Ayano Sudo."

Published by HOLOHOLO, 2013
Design by Mathilde Dalibard and Sandra Valode
Exhibition Catalogues / Artists' Books

Price: 24€