Faster than an Erection [2d edition]

New edition! Faster Than An Erection lays out Reba Maybury’s methodology as an Artist and Dominatrix whose medium is men. Accompanied by a poem by Cassandra Troyan and documentation of Maybury’s visual practice and artworks, the publication challenges our understanding of the languages of art, of gender dynamics, sex work and power.

Originally published by MACRO, Rome, in 2021 in conjunction with Reba Maybury’s show, Faster than an Erection, this second edition is printed on the occasion of the artist’s exhibition, The Happy Man, at Company Gallery, NYC.

“Disclaimer: this book considers the gender binary as regressive and dull. men within this text are defined through the construct of a conformist and normative cis binary while the definition of a Woman is whatever She pleases.”

Published by Wet Satin Press, 2024
Artists' Books / Sex / Politics

Price: 10€

MAYBURY, Reba - Faster than an Erection [2d edition]