Exercises in Seating #1 [2d Edition]

For his graduate show at the Royal College of Art in 2006, Max presented seven different seats, each made in a different material and following a different production process. The title, Exercices in Seating suggested something ongoing, an evolving body of work rather than a conclusion — a learning process, where he is willing to fail. He admits that not very experiment since has gone exactly to plan: not every chair is comfortable, wax melts, hands get cut, fires start, people don't always like the end result, but each project has inspired a future exploration. Almost a decade later, the process continues with this book — seven chairs are now forty; like the furniture equivalent of natural selection, they are the ones that made it. [publisher's note]

Published by Dent-De-Leone, 2017
Design by Åbäke
Artists' Books / Design

Price: 20€

LAMB, Max - Exercises in Seating #1 [2d Edition]