TADINI, Emilio
The Reality of the Image 1968-1972

This book is Fondazione Marconi's second chapter of a broader editorial project dedicated to the study, documentation, and mediation of the history and cultural heritage of this Milanese gallery, and the numerous personalities that have crossed its path. Created with the involvement of prominent figures in the international artistic and curatorial panorama, careful research in archives, and historical reconstruction, the project seeks to tell this story, with particular attention to a transversal audience both geographically and generationally. An unpublished manuscript by Tadini, consisting of forty-three pages of hole-punched graph paper—on which the artist wrote notes relating to the execution of his paintings, ideas for future works and titles for new series—, act as a starting point for a larger study of his position in the early post-war cultural debate, through an essay by Francesco Guzzetti (editor of the publication), and a large documentation of paintings, photographic studies, drawing and collages. [publisher's note]

Published by Mousse Publishing, 2022
Art Spaces / Monographs

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TADINI, Emilio - The Reality of the Image 1968-1972