Documnt magazine (ed.)

A hybrid art book, magazine, and journal released each year, the print version of DOCUMNT focuses on concrete poetry, conceptual writing, and text-based forms of art.

DOCUMNT2 approaches the theme of archives in an attempt to deal with the changes in materiality and temporality in the age of digitization/digitalization while also addressing the circumstances of its own creation. The work-immanent archive (documents derived from the planning and production phase) are directly incorporated into the design and made visible.

In addition to these materials, DOCUMNT2 contains essays, interviews, and works by Anna Erdmann, Grischa Lichtenberger, Sarah Newman, Rachel Kalmar, Jessica Yurkofsky, Nico Jungel & burgund t brandt; essays by Hito Steyerl, Anja Kaiser, Daniel Temkin, Ella Coon, Johannes Wilke and Ewa Wójtowicz; poetry by Hanne Lippard and Inside Job; an interview with Malin Gewinner; and quotations by Lynne Huffer, Mark Leckey, Irena Hollowell, aaaaarg.org, Jake Reber and Renata Adler.[publisher's note]

Published by documnt magazine, 2018
Design by Johannes Wilke
Periodicals / Poetry / Digital / Correspondence

Price: 20€

Documnt magazine (ed.) - DOCUMNT 2