MORGAN, Jessica (ed.)
Dia: An Introduction to Locations and Sites

Released with the reopening of Dia Chelsea in New York, this guidebook maps Dia Art Foundation’s constellation of 11 art spaces across the globe. The book charts the institution’s bold history and experimental present. Widely known for Dia Beacon, a destination museum in the Hudson Valley, Dia is the steward for seven dedicated artist sites and maintains four nontraditional exhibition spaces. The artist sites—iconic, site-specific artworks installed in places as disparate as Walter De Maria’s SoHo New York Earth Room to Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake Basin—attest to Dia’s deep support of such artists as Robert Smithson, Nancy Holt, and Walter De Maria.

The book addresses the origins and ongoing significance of these visionary permanent artworks and exhibition spaces and is supplemented with writings by artists with site-specific works in the collection, such as Joseph Beuys, Walter De Maria, Nancy Holt, Max Neuhaus and Robert Smithson, as well as maps and a time line. [publisher's note]

Published by DIA Art Foundation, 2021
Art Spaces

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MORGAN, Jessica (ed.) - Dia: An Introduction to Locations and Sites