Design as an Attitude

Authoritative and engaging, Design as an Attitude explains how design is responding to an age of intense economic, political, and ecological instability. It shows how resourceful designers are using new digital tools to help to tackle the environmental and refugee crises, and to reinvent dysfunctional social services. The book charts different aspects of contemporary design: from its role in interpreting new technologies and the emergence of a new wave of digitally empowered designers in Africa, to the craft revival, design's gender politics, and its use in expressing our increasingly fluid personal identities. “Design as an Attitude” also tells the stories of the new design adventurers, such as Irma Boom, Loren Brichter, Studio Formafantasma, Jing He, Hella Jongerius, Jan Willem Petersen, and Arthur Zang, among others. [publiher’s note]

Published by Les Presses du Réel, 2018
Design by Gavillet & Cie
Design / Graphic Design / Education

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RAWSTHORN, Alice - Design as an Attitude