HATO (ed.)
Cooking With Scorsese: The Collection

Or should we say Cooking with Scorsese & Juzo Itami & John Hughes & Gabriel Axel & Jeremiah Chechik & Tran Anh Hung & Campbell Scott & Stanley Tucci & Nora Ephron & Stephen Chow & Li Lik-chi & Ang Lee & Francis Ford Coppola & Gary Marshall & Park Chul-soo & Wes Anderson & Bob Giraldi & Naoko Ogigami & Tomoaki Akune & Junichi Mori & David Kaplan & Naomi Kawase & Paul Thomas & Danny DeVito & Harmony Korine & Jim Jarmusch & Bong Joon-ho & Sharon Maguireo & Others??

After the success of the series Cooking with Scorsese and Others, here comes a volume that gathers the three volumes conceived by Hato Press, with the same format, under a pretty nice dustjacket. You know the plot – screenshot sequences extracted from various movies, where the food steals the show. You may have your film and eat it too.

Published by Hato Press, 2022
Design by Hato
Food Culture / Film & Video

Price: 35€

HATO (ed.) - Cooking With Scorsese: The Collection