CESARCO, Alejandro (ed.)
buen diseño para la industria

This publication charts the history of the groundbreaking textile design portfolio created by the Argentine collective Buen Diseño para la Industria—formed by geometric abstract artists José Antonio Fernández-Muro, Sarah Grilo, Alfredo Hlito, and Miguel Ocampo—and locates it at the utopic intersection of modernist visual practice and industrial design.

The book’s centerpiece is a stunning set of reproductions that document the textile design archival collection in its entirety and invite appreciation and research by scholars and design enthusiasts alike. The collection is grounded historically by a rigorous account of the collective and its members by scholar of Argentine modern and contemporary art María José Herrera, who draws parallels between the artists’ work in geometric abstraction and the patterns they designed for manufacturers. Herrera’s history of these four artists is complemented by curators Robert Wiesenberger’s and Lynne Cooke’s essays, which locate the Buen Diseño project within the narrative of international modernisms across visual and applied arts. Case studies by textile designer Suzanne Tick and artist Liam Gillick root the publication in visual and material analyses of specific patterns within the portfolio. [publishers’ note]

Published by ISLAA, 2023
Design by Carolina Aboarrage – Studio Kader
Exhibition Catalogues / Design / Art History

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CESARCO, Alejandro (ed.) - buen diseño para la industria