ASHADU, Karimah
Karimah Ashadu. Plateau

“Research images taken on my mobile phone, led by impulse and intuition at a time when this project was shaping into fruition. They embody the spirit, energy and reality of tin mining in Nigeria’s Plateau state.

Cloth and clay. Dark skin—argil ashen. Bodies melt into landscape. Residues of the past present—in water, soil, crop and terrain.

Text by Erika Balsom weaves through, delving into the context and concept of the film Plateau.

A 1977 Commonwealth advertisement from the British Times interrupts the pages, outlining zealous plans for Nigeria’s future.”

—Karimah Ashadu

Published by Secession / Revolver, 2021
Design by Claus Due
Artists' Books

Price: 25€

ASHADU, Karimah - Karimah Ashadu. Plateau