Art at Large

Art at Large is a compilation of essays by art historian Marga van Mechelen published in the 2000s’. It explores the characteristics of performance and installation art, emerging forms of art in the early seventies which defied the notions and boundaries of medium-based approaches to contemporary art. In the essays special attention is paid to the intertwinement of different fields and to the mixing of disciplines. In this sense performance art and installation art can be seen as perfect representatives of current developments in postmodern art and the confirmation of the idea of an art at large. [publisher’s note]

With essays about the work of Joseph Kosuth, Ben d’Armagnac, Gina Pane, Romeo Castellucci, Orlan, Alexnader McQueen, Jeffrey Shaw, amongst others. 

All the texts in the book are handwritten by graphic designer Ilke Gers.

Published by ArtEZ Press, 2013
Design by Ilke Gers
Anthologies / Essays / Art History / Performance

Price: 35€