aneducation launch ! - documenta 14
14 December 2018 06:00PM

I know what you did last summer. Now come, and celebrate this book!

This is not a book of good intentions. It attempts to introduce a chorus of voices that speak from different positions on aneducation, the education program for Learning from Athens, documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel. Instead of objectives and overviews, target groups and outcomes, successes or failures, the program was determined by process and experience. In thinking through the body it was possible to examine how we come together and recognize knowledge not as a one-way transmission but as a form of exchange that can be circulated. Further, the aim was to listen and learn as an institution, be receptive, and acknowledge the complexities of hearing, from eavesdropping to listening to one’s inner voice. The mode of ‘being with’ guided our program and publication, both of which seek to lay bare the opaque relationships between education, exhibition making, and their publics. Forty-eight entries are organized alphabetically as a lexicon, each written by various members of the aneducation team and documenta 14 Chorus, as well as curators, artists, and educators who contributed to the program. The publication’s many points of departure present just as many desires for other sites of learning.

To celebrate the publishing of the book, aneducation team member and editor Arnisa Zeqo will be sharing insights on the book and experiences leading to its publication.

 - aneducation launch ! - documenta 14