Ambient Visions of a Dot — 下田市

In Zin Taylor’s Ambient Visions of a Dot, the artist records a day spent walking around the coastal village of Shimoda (下田市), Japan. Captured in black and white, using an old Sony Cyber-shot camera, the high contrast photographs explore a landscape rich with allegorical content. As a process of creation Taylor uses the camera as a skillful travel companion, one that is particularly adept at teasing out the sublimated influences embedded within this bucolic environment. The resulting images, along with a text written by the artist, address the abstract, surreal, uncanny, and sometimes hallucinogenic transformations of one thing into another. A series of ambient visions that document a landscape’s whimsical metamorphosis into a language of chromatic form. [publisher's note]

Published by Art Paper Editions, 2020
Artists' Books

Price: 25€

TAYLOR, Zin - Ambient Visions of a Dot — 下田市