ÅBÄKE (ed.)
All the Knives

Monsieur, aimez-vous l’art? asked the man with the hat. On a positive response Robert Filiou would show an exhibition contained in a hat to a stranger. All The Knives, the box, modestly listens to Mr Filiou to reveal stories from a pocket, yours? [publisher's note] 

A exhibition catalogue in a form of a deck of cards, curated by Åbäke, with Yair Barelli, Jochen Dehn, Dirk Elst, Aurélien Froment, Vladimir Ivaneanu, Sally OäReilly, Matt Rogers and Adva Zakai.

Published by Dent-De-Leone, 2013
Exhibition Catalogues / Book Culture / Graphic Design

Price: 25€

ÅBÄKE (ed.) - All the Knives