After BUTT

After BUTT consists in a script written by artist Ian Giles—to be read out loud by twelve people—based on interviews with the men who edited, wrote, photographed and contributed to BUTT magazine during its ten years of existence, between 2001 and 2011: Gert Jonkers, Jop van Bennekom, Michael Bullock, Paul Kopkau, Adam Baran, Felix Burrichter, Cesar Padilla, Juan Quiceno, Stuart Comer, Paul Flynn, Alex Nedham and Andreas Larsson.

An essay by Jeppe Ugelvig with the title, A Very Oral History of BUTT Magazine contextualizes the narrative, offering a broader perspective on the specific public moment in which BUTT magazine existed and that it created, building on Michael Warner’s Public and Counterpublic, and printed on the famous ‘Colorado Pink’ paper that was one of the hallmarks of BUTT.

Published by Chelsea Space, 2018
Zines / Queer Culture / Conversations / Book Culture

Price: 14€

GILES, Ian - After BUTT