EBNER, Shannon
“A” A Public Character

Great book!! Ebner’s work is an extended mediation of language that often takes the form of photography. Certain aspects, especially seen in the ongoing series Black Box Collision A, represent her efforts to reflect upon our experience of language at the intersection of landscape and architecture, looking to the social world as a realistic, concrete location of poetics found and made; observed and constructed. [publishers’ note]

This book was published after Shannon Ebner’s exhibition A Public Character, held at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. It includes the works A Hudson Yard, A Self, and A Singular, as well as the title work A Public Character. Essays by Alex Gartenfeld, Bruce Hainley, Laura Hoptman, Eileen Myles and Ellen Salpeter.

Published by ROMA Publications, 2016
Design by Julia Born
Artists' Books

Price: 40€

EBNER, Shannon - “A” A Public Character

EBNER, Shannon - “A” A Public Character