Rosanna Puyol Boralevi & Aodhan Madden
30 September 2023 07:00PM

Fresh from the oven ! We gonna celebrated two new pamphlets this Saturday at the bookstore, with readings by the writers.

 A thing conducting gathers two translations from Rosanna Puyol Boralevi's upcoming poetry book, D'l'or.

In the first text, a thing conducting, Sandar Tun Tun's music is in the air, birds have a big conversation and then transform themselves into stones, like little Brancusis you can collect from Normandie and Dakar beaches.

The second text, Shaker d'ailleurs, is the loop you're trapped in when you go to the chicken drive, with Loulou the cat, translating Jill Johnston among other choses légères.


In the theater play  Nanoparticles. One situation, some scenes Aodhan Madden explores what happens between bodies, stones, painkillers, bread, and nanoparticles.

Some men are trapped in a four-sided nowhere, a seemingly closed and eternal system, and they try to escape or at least understand where they are. Mary appears and disappears, giving instructions to a baker and a pharmacist.

 - Rosanna Puyol Boralevi & Aodhan Madden

 - Rosanna Puyol Boralevi & Aodhan Madden