“…Almost anyone could be an artist
They could put the art on the wall
All you got to do is know someone
With a wall, that’s all…”

Taking it’s clue from Escape-ism song Almost No One (Can Have My Love) this new publication adapts the catalogue format in order to publish a series of works which are to be hung on the wall. We (Olivier and Koenraad) thought that this would be a fairly straightforward affair. We were proven wrong; simplicity demands considerations that seem to be far from the obvious choice.

But as the man said: “Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day”. [publisher’s note]

Wall— consists of 3 booklets in a slipcase.

Published by Triangle Books, 2020
Design by Olivier Vandervliet
Artists' Books

Price: 45€

DEDOBBELEER, Koenraad - Wall—