BOS, Ben
TD 63–73 (Expanded Edition)

TD 63–73: Total Design and its pioneering role in graphic design [Unit 03] was first published in 2011, selling out almost immediately. Unit Editions are happy to offer a new and expanded edition.
Written by Ben Bos, a key member of the TD studio, the book describes how a band of idealistic Dutch designers came together to form one of the first multidisciplinary design groups – one that helped shape the future of design in Europe and beyond.
Total Design began in Amsterdam in 1963. Ben Bos joined the founders (Wim Crouwel, Benno Wissing, Friso Kramer and the Schwarz Brothers) from the outset. Together and individually, they set new benchmarks for typography, identity design, cultural design, exhibition design and product design.
The expanded edition of TD 63–73 is a unique insider’s account of Total Design’s golden period. It contains hundreds of images from the TD archive, and in Ben Bos’s text the reader is given a personal history of a design group that remains as important today as it did when it launched in 1963. [publisher's note]

Published by Unit Editions, 2018
Design by Spin
Graphic Design

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BOS, Ben - TD 63–73 (Expanded Edition)