Solitary by Tyler Coburn / booklaunch
13 October 2022 07:30PM

Solitary is an experiment in site-specific writing, produced at a wellness center in South Korea designed as a mock prison. Tyler Coburn will give a talk about the project, touching on the site and its unique relationship to wellness, incarceration, sensory deprivation, and solitude. To make the book, Tyler commissioned nine contributors to spend time in 'solitary confinement' at the center, where they produced texts using the materials on hand. Contributors include Jaeyeon Chung, Sunjin Kim, Hyunjeung Kim, Kyungmook Kim, Min Kyoung Lee, Woochang Lee, Russell Mason, InYoung Yeo, and Jiwon Yu.

Solitary co-published by Sternberg Press and Art Sonje Center, 2022
 - Solitary by Tyler Coburn / booklaunch