RIANTO, Januar; MIKHAIL, Almer; ANINDYA, Michelle (eds.)
Serving Suggestion #01 / 2022

Serving Suggestion is a magazine reading into culture through food—aiming at discussing “our connection with what we consume through multifarious perspectives. We celebrate the idiosyncrasies in how we take certain dishes or drinks, whether we like our noodles firm or soft, our eggs fried or boiled, or our avocados in a dessert or a sandwich.”

Beautifully printed on Risograph, and published in Bandung, Indonesia, by Further Reading Press*. This first issue opens with “Aftertastes”—short texts in which writers recount “flavour memories,” completed by “foodnotes” explaining some terms specific to Southeat Asia cuisine—and ends with cocktail recipes and tips to experience Jakarta. It also comprises texts on mushrooms, rice, artist Pei-Ying Lei’ Virophilia project; diagrams on the right temperature for coffee; and interviews with visual artist Arin Sunaryo, or metal band Seringai bassist and Lawless Burgerbar co-owner Sam Bram. . .

* Further Reading Press is an independent multi-format publishing platform with a production and distribution unit: “We seek to engage in discourse within design practices by exploring the wider contexts through various programmed experiences, such as online publication, printed periodicals, pop-ups, and residency.”

Published by Further Reading Press, 2022
Design by Chiquita Kusumahadi, Januar Rianto, Nisrina Aulia
Periodicals / Food Culture / Scenes

Price: 25€

RIANTO, Januar; MIKHAIL, Almer; ANINDYA, Michelle (eds.) - Serving Suggestion #01 / 2022